Why are you called HORRIBLENOISE?

My college roommate came into my room one time while I was playing loud, aggressive, noise-punk like I always do. He yelled to me from across the room: "WHAT IS THIS HORRIBLE NOISE?"

Where do you ship?

Everywhere on earth yo.

Can you send me freebies with my order?

Fuck yea. Make any order over 30 beans and we'll send you a mystery envelope of handmade stuff including, but not limited to, stickers and hand-painted fabric patches.

Where are the shirts made?

We used to use American Apparel, but they went out of business.

Nowadays, all the clothing is LA Apparel, made in Los Angeles, USA. It is a company created by the ex American Apparel CEO, who was ousted from his role as CEO. The shirts are identical to AA.

Factory work conditions are pretty dope apparently. They are more expensive, but that type of shit is extremely important to us.

Can you bundle some printed merch with my purchase of an original painting or hand-made item?

Yes, with a minor catch: It will arrive in two separate packages.

Here's why: anything made by hand is shipped from a bedroom in Vancouver, BC. Anything printed, like shirts, phone cases, etc. is shipped from a supplier in the USA, because we haven't found a better or faster printing company here yet.

We end up having to pay shipping twice for two separate orders, but fuc it. Seeing people rep our stuff in the wild makes us happy.

Can you do a custom shirt design, or art commission?

We sure can, but it might cost ya a lil extra. Hit us up on Messenger to discuss it.

HOWEVER, if you really like a piece of art that you've seen on Instagram or anywhere else, and you want it on a shirt, phonecase, or anything else, please let us know! it is straightforward for us to turn existing art into merchandise, so we're happy to do so.

Shipping notifications on Messenger? Apple Pay? What is this next level shit?

My biz partner and friend who built and runs this site is a hacker from the future who works at one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world. We use the same shit that Kanye uses to drop Yeezy Boosts.

He's pretty passionate about giving people a dank online shopping experience that mirrors his experience of buying shit in-person in Cairo where sellers put in a lot more effort than here apparently.

My dad says he bought porno once with his credit card and got hacked. Is this site secure?

You can cop hono gear in an internet cafe with free wifi in Russia and not even putin himself can fuck with you if he wanted, because this site uses a SSL cert w/ 256-bit encryption. 

That is same as what large banks use to secure their customers' digicoins.

Why should I buy from you and not amazon/topshop/supreme?

We know we can't compete with them big daddy wallets on shit like shipping speed, so we make up for that by offering original produx, and the dankest customer service possible.

If you have any feedback about any of our products or have any issue with your order, just ping us on Messenger and we WILL sort it out. That is what you get by buying from a small biz, and is something our customers seem to appreciate.

We also don't honeydick you like some streetwear cats out there with ridiculous prices and artificial shortages, because HORRIBLENOISE has been about art and making people laugh for way longer than its been a business.