FALL 2016 LAUNCH: Hoodies. Models. Empty Bottles.

Hello my sweet child, you look great.
I've launched a whole bunch of new products to keep you warm this fall and winter.
What's more, I held a photoshoot with real live human models, showcasing the entire horriblenoise collection, save for a few designs that are brand spanking new.
So now you can see what things look like on a human body, instead of a floating ghost.
(not that floating ghosts aren't cool, amirite?).
We've come a long way from having 3 shirts and a button pack for sale in the store, and this is still just the beginning. Check back regularly for more new product launches and exclusive deals that will bring you the emotional fulfillment you have been seeking since your parents unexpected divorce in 2006.
urs truly,
Oh P.S.,Here are some pics from the shoot to fuc up your eyeballs with: 

omar alex bbfThis man is a dangerous hacker from Egypt. He runs the site, and knows how to make clothes. 


This tuff dude took all of the photos with only an hour's notice. You can find him on instagram @blee__dat


And then there's these spicy mamacitas. God Damn.
From left to right, you are looking at @freiseninhere, @smallpapa, @jenndoe, @carmenjlea, @bridgetdadzie


big sword picture horriblenoise


alex vicki candid shot





Stay tuned u scum, I've already got more in the works.