HORRIBLE NEWS: Anthony Fantano is officially a TUFF DUDE

Ayy its me ur man horriblenoise.
I have something pretty spicy to share with yall;
Anthony Fantano , the WORLDS FOREMOST alternative music critic, whose YouTube channel theneedledrop boasts more than 1 MILLION subscribers, has been spotted wearing my TUFF DUDE shirt in one of his latest videos!:
I'm pretty gassed about the whole thing. I've been a Fantano fan for years, and jellyc0la has been following him since before he had 1000 subs!
The man has done the grueling legwork of finding so much HORRIBLE NOISE for me and so many others over the years, its no wonder he has been blessed with the best teeth in the game.
Anyway! Big shout out to my man Dankthony!
You can scope the product page for the TUFF DUDE tee, which is also available in white, here.