Horrible Update!

Yo flam whats good? I figured its about time I checked in and told you what's new. Since launching with 3 shirts less than 3 months ago, We've produced 13 more unique shirt designs, a super dank button pack, and one sexy but dangerous canvas tote bag.

This is all great stuff but if you ask me, its what is coming up next that is really exciting.

We are very close to shipping the following heavy dankage:

Black tees with white text/graphics (by popular request).

All-over print American Apparel Sweaters (check it out!)

Multiple ENAMEL PIN designs (these shits are not easy to get made right!)

Graphic HOODIES (these will for sure beat autumn within an inch of its putrid life, for sure.)

..and first and foremost, your boi H will keep comin' at you with the most ORIGINAL CONTENT I can muster! Keep a watchful eye on  the @horriblenoise instagram, and be sure to check out my INSTAGRAM STORIES; their production value is not the highest, but they are gonna crack you up for sure!

Anyway, just thought I'd give a bit of a sneak peak to show whats in the works. We are still only at the very beginning here, so stay tuned ... and stay greasy!