July Launch Sale! New Clothes, New Cause

My dudes, my darlings,
I dunno about where you are, but here in the Pacific Northwest, this is turning out to be the  HOTTEST friccin summer ever. So, to help you stay cool (and look cool), I've worked my pubes to the bone in order to design and produce an ALL NEW run of summer clothes to help you beat the heat!
In classic HONO fashion, I'm gonna have a week-long launch sale, with a chunk of all sales going to charity. While I've classically donated 100% of profits to charity during these launch campaigns, I'm now doing this as a full-time gig, and can only afford to give 10% of proceeds to my chosen cause.
Now, without further ado:
My HEATWAVE drops so far are as follows:
Day 1 - My all new COLD FEET pocket-print Tee, available in both WINTERSLEEP WHITE and BUBONIC BLACK
Day 2 - my DONT TRUST THE GUVRMINT pocket-print tee:
Day 3 - My all-new all-over-print KNIFETANK tank top:
and there's still more to come!
And now for the real thicc mustard:
This time around I've decided to donate my 10% to Culture Saves Lives; which is an "awareness campaign to reconnect all people with their culture as a harm reduction and life saving health intervention, especially First Nations people oppressed by mechanisms of colonization such as residential schools and the foster care system".
    A huge proponent of Canadian Native people have been disconnected from their cultures by a centuries long history of colonialism, and something called the residential school system in which children were forcibly taken from their parents to boarding schools that forbid them to speak their native languages, in an attempt to culturally assimilate them. 
Today First Nations Canadians still feel the after-effects of all this systemic violence, and as a result are over-represented in statistics like suicide rates, incarceration, unemployment, and pretty much every other shitty thing that could befall a human being.
I have had the privilege of knowing a lot of Indigenous people in my lifetime, Canadian and non-Canadian, and while I can't speak for them, I think they would all agree that a connection to their heritage can be an empowering and important source of identity, strength, and meaning in their lives.
There is a major First Nations cultural revival occurring in Canada, and Canadians of all backgrounds need to be aware of it. As well as the benefits it brings to contemporary First Nations people as a means of building identity and community which can ground a person, raise self-esteem, and create crucial social safety-nets.
The Culture Saves Lives campaign organizes events, and funds art installations that promote the message"culture saves lives", its a statement as powerful as it is simple, and its something that every Canadian needs to hear, recognize, and know.
So cop some new clothes to keep you lookin fresh all summer, and remember: