🔪💦 New drops for June / QUIT MAH DAY JOB 🔪💦

chelsea in grey balaclava shirt
Hello again. Its me, ur boi, Horriblenoise.
I've barely recovered from the RE:CODED x HONO charity sale, but its already time for more! 🔪💦
First off, the big news is that I quit my day job, and am now making art and selling clothes full time! (At least through the summer... and please hold your congrats until I make the rent next month!).
As a result, I can't be giving ALL the money we make to charity anymore. However, I know you guys love it, and we love doing it, so this time around 10% of proceeds will be going to East Van Roasters.
They're a really cool non-profit coffee and artisan chocolate shop here in Vancouver, that provides pre-employment training and work opportunities for women from Vancouver's downtown East side who are in recovery from drug-addiction, mental illness, and survival sex work.
They're currently trying to raise funds to increase their production capacity, so that they can bring meaningful employment to even more women in need.
To kick things off, I've just dropped two new hot nuggets of low-brow high-fashion,
check 'em:
Check out the classic BALACLAVA design in never before seen GOTHGANISTAN GREY, modeled above by my good friend Chelsea AKA "Chee-Chee" AKA "The Hammer of Glammer".
Next up, is my now-famous SHARP AS FUC design on a long-sleeve tee, Modeled here by my friend Blee AKA "the Bean-Boy of Birmingham".
This picture makes it looks like the existing SHARP AF sweater, but this is MUCH thinner. These things are hecka in style right now. Be sure to wear it with a tight fitting dad-hat, and roll your Levi's 3.14 inches above your ankle.
I've also put up two versions of HORRIBLENOISE MYSTERY PACKs, for those of you who like surprises, or can't decide what the hell you want.
Its a standard envelope guaranteed to be stuffed with stickers, a fabric patch, original signed doodles, and other weird and unique shit.
and for those for those of you who like BIG🍆 surprises, there's the HORRIBLENOISE DELUXE MYSTERY PACK:

An entire god dam MANILA ENVELOPE of mysteries. Similar to the ones given away in my monthly raffles. Guaranteed to be stuffed with even MORE stickers, fabric patches, original signed doodles, and other weird and unique shit, hand made by ur boi hoinoi.
Stay greasy