Alright, so to celebrate our achievement in creating our newest wearable products for your raggedy-asses, and to better spread stoke, we will be doing individual 24-hour FLASH SALES for each new design that we drop.
chelsea flexing things are only gonna get worse tee
Basically twice a day we will drop new items, and each will have its own 24-hour countdown timer, within which you will be able purchase said item at 20% OFF.
As usual, ALL ORDERS OVER 30$ will receive an envelope of HORRIBLENOISE FREEBIES (think stickers, patches, weird stuff).
heavy metal makes me feel good worn by alex stickley
Now, this didn’t quite seem reflective enough of our excitement about the launch, or of our appreciation of our customers, so once again: during the initial launch 100% OF PROFITS WILL GO TO CHARITY (after costs!).
Why? Because it feels good, and it feels right.

The success of our Black Friday Charity ‘Anti-Sale’ left us feeling hella warm and fuzzy, and excited to do more for those in need.

Sound shady? Its really not. We are at a stage in our growth where its more valuable for us to reach a larger audience and spread our message of chaotic-positivity than to pocket profits. However, please understand that only the PROFIT portion of your money will go to the charity, we still have to cover costs on our end, including production, advertising, web-hosting etc.
Horriblenoise is really two people; there's me, the over-caffeinated garbage-artist @HORRIBLENOISE. Then there's @jellyc0la, a middle eastern street rat who fled to Canada with a nothing but a  laptop and two ugly-ass suitcases, escaping political conflict and an oppressive government.
@jellyc0la, is the one that built our dank-ass website, and first turned my OH FUCK drawing into a shirt. He is a living, breathing example of a person who learned to provide for himself by becoming a computer programming and web-design wizard.

Its fitting then, that our chosen charity this time around is RE:CODED. Its an NGO that goes to refugee camps in the middle east and teaches displaced young people the universally valuable skills of computer literacy and web design, including basic computer programming!

7 million people are currently displaced by the Syrian conflict alone. Many hope to enter Western countries as refugee residents, but with lack of education, or educations that will be unrecognized by their new home-countries, their chances at a better life will be limited to the realm of kebab stands, taxi-driving, and unfortunately sometimes even crime.
By giving refugees the 21st century’s most employable skill, RE-CODED helps not only to open doors to better futures, but prevents them from being exploited or susceptible to extremist groups like ISIS.
RE-CODED is partnering with FLATIRON, a top tier NYC programming school that guarantees 99% job placement rates for its graduates. The program is currently underfunded by 50%. A trainer salary is $1000, and covers 50 refugees. They are currently underfunded by $15,000.
Oh, and did I mention that 40% of the students in the program are girls!
We truly believe that building this type of skill set in the general populace is the next step in creating greater personal and financial freedom for designers, makers, sellers, and other motivated individuals in every corner of the globe. Moreover, skills in coding and web design allow individuals to do paid work and create their own income from anywhere, even in places where tangible economies are falling apart.
Horriblenoise would not exist as anything more than back alley street art without web design and other computer-wizardry.

So be sure to cop something during the launch sale; you’ll be looking spicy, and helping refugee youth toward an in-demand means of employment and self-actualization.
As a final note, immigration, multiculturalism, and Islam etc. are complicated topics, and we don’t want to tell you how you should feel about them. Instead we just want you to recognize that young people getting bombed, gassed and displaced is never cool.
Instead of waiting for politicians and bureaucracies to create change that may never come, we've decided to take what steps we can to alleviate this mess, sooner rather than later, and hope that you'll see it the same way and contribute.
TL;DR - 100% of profits during the launch sale will go to a computer coding bootcamp for displaced youth in Syrian refugee camps.