Ayyy it me ur boi, horriblnoi. This new summer collection of mine has been a big hit so far, but i'ma take it even further with THREE MORE new relases!

These sensuous units are all pulled direct from my private book of stick n poke tattoo designs, and they are lookin ice c0ld if i do say so myself.

Have a look, we got:



and 2% YOLO

Oh, yea, these bad mothers are currently at a 20% DISCOUNT, but only for a very limited time, so cop now or fornever hold ur piece.

And in case u ain't heard... aside from that girthy AF 20% off, we're giving 10% of ALL SALES (not just the new collection & not just clothes!) to an awesome non-profit arts intiative that helps homeless and otherwise marginalized Toronto youth ages 16-29 create transformative personal and social change through the arts.

They're called SKETCH, and they provide daily hot meals, along with dozens of free  educational courses in everything from singing, to pottery wheelin', to gourmet cooking!

I went and scoped the facility out for myself, and was blown away by the scale of the operation. It was packed with young creative people working on all kinds of projects, and also importantly communing over a nutritious meal.

There was a real electric energy to the place, and they had a whole host of success stories to share with me about lives turned around, or careers taking off, as a result of the programs that SKETCH offers. This is a unique and forward thinking initiative that's existed for more than a decade here in Toronto, and I'm v v proud to be supporting it!

P.S., rumor has it that there are EVEN MORE NEW RELEASES on the way. But these deals won't last, so move your ass!