the summer 2019 collection is drippidy dropping RIGHT NOW!💦

Hello it’s me, horriblenoise.

I dunno about where you are, but here in Toronto summer is in full effect, and she’s a fricken scorcher.

To help you beat the heat, I've designed a whole new collection of pocket print tees, and I don’t mind tellin ya that they might just be my best ones yet. (I've even got a spicy new EMBROIDERED pocket design for you to check out)!

As always, 10% of the profit portion of ALL SALES at will be going to charity. Once again, we’ve chosen to support a local Toronto charity initiative called SKETCH Working Arts.

SKETCH offers programs in fine art, as well as vocational and career skills to homeless and otherwise marginalized Toronto youth. They also provide free hot lunches every single day.

I live in one of the most low income neighbourhoods of Toronto, and I see the worst of Toronto’s visible poverty and homelessness on the daily. Its bad. Just being close to it takes a toll on me, but I can only imagine the hopelessness one would feel as a young adult fending for themselves on the street, or at the bottom rungs of society.

Making art and exploring my creativity has done  so much for me, in terms of both personal Growth, and paying the rent. I really feel that the training and opportunities offered by sketch can create sustained positive change for individuals from these marginalized communities.

I’ve met and even collaborated with artists who’ve benefited from SKETCH programs, and I’ve toured their facility. I've seen the fuccn twinkle in kids eyes as they learn skills and access equipment that lets them be creative, and in turn create brighter futures for themselves.

So cop yourself a shirt, roll up the sleeves, and pour yourself a 1 litre mason jar of pinot grigio, cuz you’re one of the good ones.

Look good, feel good. And for fuc sakes get outside.


ur boi,