The NEVER CHILL ButtonPack is here!


Hello scumbags, Its ur boi hoinoi, just checkin in to tell you about the release of my all-new 2017 BUTTONPACK!

Its a set of TWO 1.5 inch glossy buttons to pin to your shit to make it way more cooler.

Finally, for all you turkeys who are always messaging me telling me you're too broke to buy my shirts, this is a perfect opportunity to support my weirdo art in an inexpensive way, thru both your purchase, and thru wearing it on your goddam self!

Oh, and if that not already spicy enuff 4 ya; I'm offering this new piece of HORRIBLENOISE at 20% off until midnight (Pacific) tonight!
Additionally, 10%  of all profits here at HORRIBLENOISE.CA are still going to Culture Saves Lives; an awareness campaign that aims to reconnect First Nations [Aboriginal] Canadian people with their traditional culture as a harm reduction and life saving health intervention.

If you're unfamiliar with Culture Saves Lives and why its important, please take 3 minutes and read what I've written on my previous blog post.

Now is the perfect time to get a lil somethin spicy for yourself, while supporting weirdo art and Native American cultural revival!

That's all for now u goddam turkeynecks!