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The NEVER CHILL ButtonPack is here!

  Hello scumbags, Its ur boi hoinoi, just checkin in to tell you about the release of my all-new 2017 BUTTONPACK! Its a set of TWO 1.5 inch glossy buttons to pin to your shit to make it way more cooler.   Finally, for all you turkeys who are always messaging me telling me you're too broke to buy my shirts, this is a perfect opportunity to support my weirdo art in an inexpensive way, thru both your purchase, and thru wearing it on your goddam self!   Oh, and if that not already spicy enuff 4 ya; I'm offering this new piece of HORRIBLENOISE at 20% off until midnight (Pacific) tonight! Additionally, 10%  of all profits here at HORRIBLENOISE.CA...

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Horrible Update!

Yo flam whats good? I figured its about time I checked in and told you what's new. Since launching with 3 shirts less than 3 months ago, We've produced 13 more unique shirt designs, a super dank button pack, and one sexy but dangerous canvas tote bag. This is all great stuff but if you ask me, its what is coming up next that is really exciting. We are very close to shipping the following heavy dankage: Black tees with white text/graphics (by popular request). All-over print American Apparel Sweaters (check it out!) Multiple ENAMEL PIN designs (these shits are not easy to get made right!) Graphic HOODIES (these will for sure beat autumn within an inch of its putrid...

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Hello again yes that's right its me HORRIBLENOISE. My friend who is good at the computer helped me build this new dank af website for by which to sell and promote myself and my cartoonery. I was about ready to give in to the pressures of being broke and eating bits of string as if it was spaghetti, but some folks let me know just how much they believed in me and liked my stuff. So that, plus this well-oiled new website have got me grindin my teeth about this stuff harder than ever. I'm producin' more art and getting into more trouble than ever before. Thanks for stopping by.  Now buy something or I will bite your ankles at...

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